Popular FAQ's about Switzerland

Can a foreigner buy property ?
A foreigner can buy an existing property from a foreign owner easily as the permit gets transferred to the new owner. Recent new law stipulates that no new construction for second homes is allowed in Switzerland. This means a foreigner, or a Swiss person, cant build a second home.

However, there are new constructions that had their plans granted prior to the new law, and those can still be sold as a secondary residences. There are only limited amount available. The change means property value will appreciate as new-builds will no longer be available.
Does Switzerland have International schools ?
Do the Swiss have inheritance tax ?
Where are the best places to buy Swiss property ?
Can I fly to Switzerland ?
Switzerland has one of the finest transportation networks in Europe, being famed for their trains' punctuality. There are many airports and they are shown in the map above.
Where can I find a reputable cultural guide ?
Can we buy around the lakes?
What languages do they speak ?
The Swiss have 4 national languages, French, German, Italian and Romanche. We have some useful phrases for you here.
What are the purchase conditions for second homes ?