Swiss restoration and 'Flipping for profit'


Renovation search: Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Austria. after years in the real estate business, we know what sells and what buyers look for in a property.

Our team- can advise, research a chosen location- search for possible renovation properties that in our opinion have great potential for profit and future appreciation potential -we need a budget-and you will be charged an up-front search fee.

Flip for profit: we can also given the budget and brief-search, find and renovate a property to your requirements, making it ready to flip for a profit. using our global websites we can even help you sell it.

We require the following brief from you the buyer:

  • This is what we’re looking for
  • In this approximate location
  • This number of bedrooms, bathrooms
  • A particular view
  • This is our budget

SEARCH FEE £4000 + travel expenses, NO MORE THAN £1000- Europe and Scandinavia only.

  • What people are looking for?
  • What are people buying ?
  • What they are willing to pay more for ?
  • Then know what we have to do…location is everything-the view-the state of the property-hidden bills or local construction laws? local legal fees-buying fees-survey fees-ongoing fees.
  • What can be added-then what needs to be done to make this property a highly sort after property worth hundreds of thousands more and at what cost?
  • Visit local agents, we identify potential
  • If need be, we knock on doors and make an offer.

The initial search fee of £4000 + TRAVEL EXPENSES-EUROPE /BALTIC’S ONLY is removed from the final cost once a property has been chosen and deposit in. This is purely to deter time-wasters as it takes substantial time and effort to investigate a search.

Once a property is chosen, we travel to the location. WE arrange for a SURVEY and investigate any hidden problems, land laws, hidden bills, and legal fees. if all is acceptable to the buyer.

We advise on WHAT can be achieved dependant on budget and what the client wants the house for?

  1. To live in
  2. To renovate and flip for profit

As there will be two cost variations i.e., if it’s for profit, we know what must be included to the property to ensure a higher selling price.

If the house is for family or personal use we wont need to add as many features, as this could be achieved in time.

EACH property in need of added bedrooms, new roof, foundations, substantial renovation, will be estimated and cost advised.

But as a general guide for a low priced renovation building, allow £325k…with the knowledge after the renovations the client can NOW sell the property at a much higher price. EVERY RENOVATION-SHOULD CARRIES A £100,000 FLIP PROFIT.

If a client pays £325k for a fully renovated property, we can guarantee it will be marketed for sale at minimum £450,000-up to £675,000 dependant on location, renovation and added features. basic cost to buyer: £175k deposit search fee/expenses deducted from final cost.

Note: £325k is the basic package, for researching, finding and renovating; this doesn’t include bespoke requirements, fittings, and technology.

If client requires bespoke interior design products , a particular type of stone for a room or a certain type of pool , there will obviously be pre-approved costs, before any work is done.

Before: £145,000


After: £650,000