Get out of the rain

Get out of the rain.

The Valais is always sunny. Many people think that Switzerland is a place where it snows every day, and is probably a nice place to go if you want to ski? Canton Valais, the sunniest region in Switzerland, boasts an average of 300 sunny days and as many as 2300 hours of sunshine per year.

Swiss Summer Mountains

The Valais is surrounded by mountains and has its own micro-climate.

Every time I go it seems to be sunny.

We travel a lot, but find Switzerland to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In winter you have the fantastic ski slopes of the Valais, with the 4 valleys ski area, with 412 kilometres of slopes. And some of the best skiing in the world. The Swiss Olympic ski team train here, as the conditions are ideal for serious skiers. If you’re foreign, It’s a very friendly part of Switzerland.

But if skiing isn’t your thing, your kids will love the sledging, or Luge as they call it here. We like to go to La Tzoumaz, when we are there as the kids love the huge sledge or luge run, with over a kilometre to slide down, kids love this. My wife also loves it. You can go on a snow mobile safari, glide down on a parachute, be pulled by a team of husky dogs, or just go for a walk and take in the stunning scenery.

If all this seems like hard work, you could spend a few days  shopping or eating in the oldest town in Switzerland, medieval Sion. With its castles and wonderful old streets and up market restaurants.
Even though we are always with our kids, you always feel safe at night in Sion. People are very friendly, it does help if you can speak at least some French.

Sion Village

You don’t get many Brits there because English is not their first language,  like it is in Spain. So, its extremely rare to see someone wearing union jack shorts, singing football songs , so drunk they can’t walk.

If you go to Sion at night, try the Bagdad café-nice place to eat or get a drink.
One of our favourite places to eat is in the ski resort of Nendaz, the “TCHIN TCHIN” restaurant. The pizza here is THE BEST. A great little Italian après ski place , great for the family.

In the summer, long after the snow has left the mountain tops, you have the summer visitors who come to enjoy the amazing walks, or mountain biking.

Or, if you are more adventurous , you could try parascending. Jumping off the top of a mountain whilst strapped to an instructor as you float down via a parachute taking in the stunning Valais scenery.

Many Europeans go to this area to enjoy the summer golf in some of the most glamorous locations in the world at altitude. Like Crans Montana. The home of Roger Moore the retired James Bond.
Personally, I love going to Montreux, its only 30 minutes by car from Sion and we just walk along the lake front, slowly taking in the scenery with the snowy mountain backdrop, whilst baking in 32 degrees of sun. The promenade in Montroux is an experience in itself. You’ll be passed by women walking their dogs with huge diamond collars and a variety of nationalities on roller skates whizzing by you in the daily posing parade. My advice, just take a small walk and sit down for a nice coffee in one of the lake front cafes and take in the hot sun.

Montreux Lake

Travel about 5 minutes tops and you’ll arrive at the big aqua park. Our kids love this place. Bit too hectic for an old bloke like me, but still, can be fun.

There are many places to go in the Valais, but the main point I want to make is, its nearly always sunny.

Not true of Britain right now. So if you’re looking to get out of the rain, check it out.

Get out of the rain in Valais

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