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Castle Chateau Property for sale in Mex Vaud Switzerland


Villa Property for sale close to lake in Saint-Prex Switzerland

CHF 8,900,000
7,140,648.00 GBP 7,794,531.00 EUR 9,335,388.00 USD

SOLD - Castle property for sale close to lake in Jouxtens-Mezery near Lausanne Switzerland

CHF 9,000,000
7,220,880.00 GBP 7,882,110.00 EUR 9,440,280.00 USD

Estate House Property for sale in Lutry - SOLD

CHF 16,000,000
12,837,120.00 GBP 14,012,640.00 EUR 16,782,720.00 USD

Lausanne, Vaud

The capital of the canton of Vaud is in full development: economics and urban areas are all changing. The fourth largest city in Switzerland, Lausanne is distinguished by its vocations, Olympic city, place of education and culture. A popular tourist destination, the city also hosts many international companies.

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