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Chalet for sale in St Luc Valais Switzerland

CHF 740,000
551,610.80 GBP 629,014.80 EUR 737,484.00 USD

Apartment Property for sale in St-Luc Val D'Anniviers Switzerland 340'000

CHF 340,000
253,442.80 GBP 289,006.80 EUR 338,844.00 USD

Saint Luc, Valais

With generous hours of sunshine, St-Luc is a resort where life is good: all kinds of activities, sporting infrastructures, luxuriant natural surroundings, cultural events and an overwhelming feeling of being close to the skies.

St-Luc prides itself in the epithet “resort of the stars”, and with good reason. From the observatory to the Planets trail, with information to assist stargazing along the way, the whole resort is alive with the theme of astronomy. The range of facilities extends to infinity and appeals to people of all ages. St-Luc, a destination rich in tradition, teems with surprising discoveries for all the family.